Citu 52

 Join our Citu 52 Community to reserve one of the first 52 homes to be released in the Climate Innovation District.

Be a trailblazer

The Climate Innovation District is going to be an incredible community, creating beautiful green spaces on the river front just a few minutes walk from the city centre. We are expecting an immense demand. So we’ve created Citu 52 to let you reserve one the first houses in the development and avoid missing out in the inevitable rush when the houses go on sale.     


Reserve your home

You can put down a refundable reservation fee of £1,500 to join Citu 52. This will be deducted from the purchase price of your home, or you can have it back if you decide you don’t want to go through with it. Once paid, you’ll have first option on the first 52 houses we release in September 2017 and onward.

More than a waiting list

Citu 52 isn’t just about sticking you on a waiting list and letting you know when your new home is ready. We want to show you how you’re helping tackle climate change by accelerating the transition to zero carbon cities.

Go behind the scenes

As a member of Citu 52 you’ll get to see what no one else gets to. You’ll get behind the scenes tours of the Climate Innovation District, to see how the UK’s biggest sustainable development is coming together.


Get to know us

We don’t want to just tell you about all the amazing features of the Climate Innovation District. We want to hear from you. So as a Citu 52 member you’ll get invited to exclusive Q&A events with the Citu leadership team. 

Discover how we’re building your new home

Once part of Citu 52, you’ll be able to take a tour of our state of the art new manufacturing facility, to see how we make our unique timber framed housing system.


See your Citu home

You wouldn't want to buy a house without seeing how it looks first. That's why we've built an immersive virtual reality experience so you can walk into every room of a Citu home before making a decision. Viewings are available at our offices in the Greenhouse building on Mondays and Fridays. Book your VR experience today

Give us a call to secure your home

Give us a bell and let us know that you want to be part of the exclusive Citu 52 community. Just call 0113 320 2357. 

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