Sustainability is a complex issue, and it's hard to know where to start if you want to do more to tackle climate change.  

At Citu, we try to keep it simple.

Buildings, energy systems and transport all give out significant amounts of carbon.  We address each of these complex issues in the places we develop, resulting in a range of positive effects.  These include:

  • Better air quality
  • Places which can adapt to changing climates
  • Improved biodiversity

Our places also improve those things which are harder to see and just as important to you, such as health and wellbeing, quality of life and a sense of community. It’s a difficult job juggling all of these concerns, but, like you, we do as much as we can to help us all live more sustainably.

We built sustainability into everything we do, whether it's heating our office from solar and wind energy to the design and materials we use for our houses.  

Here are just a few ways we try to be as sustainable as possible in our drive to accelerate the transition to zero-carbon cities:

Timber framed housing design 

Our unique timber framed housing design locks away several tonnes of carbon in the sustainably sourced wood which forms its structure. By contrast, concrete emits 140kg of CO2 per cubic meter, whilst steel requires 24 times the energy required to produce wood. So by building with wood from sustainable and local sources, we can massively reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings to the point where they are actually carbon-negative. 

Industry leading standards of insulation and air-tightness

We ensure all Citu homes are built using recycled & sustainable insulation materials to insulation standards so high that the homes do not require a traditional central heating system. The incredible air-tightness of a Citu home allows heat from appliances to be retained, whilst an innovative ventilation system warms incoming fresh air from departing stale air. This keeps your home fresh whilst keeping the warmth locked in.  

Integrating green energy into developments 

We aim for all our developments to be zero-carbon. These means integrating wind turbines, solar panels and even biomass heating from organic waste. This energy saves our residents on their energy bills. The energy we do need to bring in from the grid is always renewable and zero-carbon.

Sourcing local materials and building locally

Our Citu works factory is deliberately situated in the Climate Innovation District so the housing sections can be built and transferred to the site with the absolute minimum of energy expended in their delivery. To further reduce transport emissions, we source over 70% of the materials required to construct the homes from the immediate Yorkshire area. 

Offsetting all emissions generated

We're committed to using accredited carbon offsetting organisations to completely offset all the CO2 generated by our activities. 

Helping wildlife thrive

Our planting scheme for the Climate Innovation District will incorporate large numbers of native plans to provide a habitat for native wildlife. We're committed to only using natural fertilisers and pesticides, and won't be using any harmful chemicals which may have a negative impact on the local environment. 

In addition, we will be building bird boxes, bat boxes and beehives to enrich the environment and creating a log pile to serve as an invertebrate habitat.  

We also use recycled and sustainable materials where ever possible and are always thinking of new ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

As you can see, we don't just talk about being sustainable. We live it. 


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