Our houses won’t help you to live a contemporary lifestyle, mainly because we don’t know what it means.

We tried to figure it out, we even hired a top brand agency to work it out for us and we still came out with nothing.

So, you’ll never hear us talk that way.

What we do like to talk about is design, sustainability, innovation & technology, and how we put it all together to create mixed used urban developments that help us to achieve our purpose: to accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities.

That’s what gets us excited.

And because we’re committed to urban regeneration, you’ll never see us building anywhere other than the city, especially when there's so many spaces that need to be regenerated.

We also know that if you're going to tackle climate change, we can't do it alone.  We collaborate with world leaders in their field to make sure that it's not just how you live in the house that makes the difference, but how we create them as well.

That’s why we work with White Arkitekter, a leader in sustainable placemaking to help us design our places, and why we worked with Leeds Beckett University to develop our innovative timber framed housing design that we produce from our own manufacturing facility Citu Works.

But it's not always about creating something from the ground up, sometimes you need to bring an area back to life.  We work with organisations like Historic England to ensure that when we do, the history and character of the original building remains.

Sometimes we'll take a wrong turn, but when you're continually innovating, you're continually learning. 

We're only at the start of our journey, and we want you to come on it with us.

Together we can accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities and reverse global warming.

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