Changing the world is tough and challenging convention requires courage, so we’ve assembled our own version of the ‘A Team’ to get the job done.

We’ve come from all walks of life, with our own set of unique skills, but we all have something in common.  We’re passionate and committed to making a difference.

We know it’s not going to be easy, that’s why we work in a way that encourages personal and professional growth. A way that gives you the freedom to explore, be curious, to fail, to dust yourself off and go again. 

Why be creative?  Why challenge the rules?  Why run the risk of failing and looking like a fool? The world is changing. It’s no longer possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.

Our elite business coach has a saying, “don’t give yourself a Plan B to fail into”. 

When it comes to climate change, there is no Plan B.

That's why we're not a family. We're a sports team. We only work with the most passionate, results driven and talented people. We ensure we are the best possible team with a perfect culture fit. This lets us have a sense of camaraderie and team spirit that you can find only in the most elite teams. If you are amazing at what you do, Citu will provide you with a team where you feel you belong. 

But it isn't just about selecting only the very best talent. It's also about developing it. That's why every single Citu team member has over eight hours of world-class coaching every month to further develop their skills and ability to work in an agile way. We also ensure all new members take part in exciting all-day induction events. We care about nurturing talent, and at Citu we make personal growth the utmost priority. 

If you are excited about accelerating the transition to zero-carbon cities, then come and join us. Go to our careers page to see what roles we're currently recruiting for. 

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