Normal ways of doing things are there to be challenged.  If we’re going to make life better, we need to try new things.  We need to be brave. 

To achieve this, we are curious, always looking for what is around the corner.  We share what we know and encourage others to do the same.  And we are excited.  Excited by the latest idea and the improvements we are making.

Our philosophy is that better technology leads to better performance, so we look for sustainable solutions that will improve the buildings and places we create. And if they don't exist, we create them ourselves.

That's why we partnered with Leeds Metropolitan University to design our state of the art timber framed housing solution

This design saves almost one tonne of CO2 per cubic meter of material used Vs traditional building materials. It also has the best thermal insulation properties of any building material, and we’ve designed it to be 10 times more air-tight than required by UK building regulations.

It's also why we're building a fully immersive VR experience to let you look around our developments before they're even built. You shouldn't have to waste your time looking at drawings and mock ups trying to second guess how the final house will look and feel. By using the latest tech we can let you literally walk into bedrooms and poke your head around the shower curtain. 

And it's the reason why we ensure that Citu homes are completely digitally-controlled. This means you can save energy by turning off appliances and lights when you're out of the house, and make sure you're comfortable by controlling your heating all from our Actuate app

Little changes aren't going to get us to zero-carbon cities. We need to innovate. Big time. And that's exactly what we're going to do. 

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