It's no good producing one or two low carbon, energy-efficient homes a year.  That kind of output is not going to accelerate any kind of transition to zero carbon cities.

If we're going to do this, we're going to need a bigger boat.

Citu Manufacturing can produce hundreds of Citu Homes a year, all to the highest environmental standard while greatly reducing the carbon footprint in the construction process compared to traditional methods.

How we do it differently

How come we can build houses with a tiny fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional methods?

It all comes down to the energy efficient timber frame we’ve developed, which saves almost one tone of CO2 per cubic meter of material used Vs traditional building materials. It also has the best thermal insulation properties of any building material, and we’ve designed to be 10 times more air-tight than required by UK building regulations.

All Citu homes are insulated to incredibly high standards and are wrapped by a breathable membrane that lets moisture escape whilst keeping the warmth locked in. A heat recovery system transfers heat from exiting stale air to incoming fresh air provided by the ventilation system, so you get all the benefits of triple glazing and an air-tight frame with none of the drawbacks. 

This means an average Citu house locks away over ten tones of CO2 and means a traditional central heating system with a boiler isn’t required. Combine this with the fact that our digitally enabled smart homes let you manage your energy use and turn off appliances when you’re out of the house, and you have a recipe for a zero-carbon home that massively reduces your energy usage.

By situating the Citu Works Manufacturing facility on our Climate Innovation District site, we can supply hundreds of houses with no emissions wasted on transporting materials between the factory and the site. We’ve partnered with local suppliers to source over 70% of the materials required for a Citu home from the Yorkshire area, further reducing transport-related emissions and helping to support local businesses. 

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