Our Story

We’re a young urban sustainable property developer who's committed to tackling climate change by helping to create better city centre places to live, work and play.  

Our houses won’t help you to live a contemporary lifestyle, mainly because...


Innovation & Technology

Normal ways of doing things are there to be challenged.  If we’re going to make life better, we need to try new things.  We need to be brave. 

To achieve this, we are curious, always looking for what is around the corner.  We share what we know... 


Sustainability is a complex issue, and it's hard to know where to start if you want to do more to tackle climate change.  

At Citu, we try to keep it simple.

Buildings, energy systems and transport all give out significant amounts of carbon. We address each of these complex issues in the places we develop, resulting in...


People make a community, and for a community to grow the people living there need to take ownership of it. So that's exactly what we give them. 

This can’t happen if the owners of the home don’t live there, so we don’t do buy-to-let or...

Citu Manufacturing

It's no good producing one or two low carbon, energy-efficient homes a year.  That kind of output is not going to accelerate any kind of transition to zero carbon cities.

If we're going to do this, we're going to need a bigger boat.

Citu Manufacturing can produce hundreds of Citu Homes...

Our people and Culture

Changing the world is tough and challenging convention requires courage, so we’ve assembled our own version of the ‘A Team’ to get the job done.

We’ve come from all walks of life, with our own set of unique skills, but we all have something...

Meet the Team

  • Fraser

    Finance Director
  • Jamie


    Jamie Blacker is our resident DJ/Rockstar who offers a 5 day a week side-line in Accounts and Customer Service.

    When he isn’t touring the world with his entourage of adoring fans playing loud and bangy music, he is firmly rooted in providing the most efficient payment experience in Yorkshire.

    Jamie might be a bit rough looking with his tattoos and wold trademarked ‘Blue Steele’ stare but he is every bit the resolver of all your accounting woes.

  • Mark

    Production Manager
  • Marcos

    Production Manager

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