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Boules Court

The public square of Little Kelham phase 1 has been designed as a place for people to gather, to share and to enjoy the long summer days together.

Situated right in the heart of the development, and surrounded by iconic buildings and green landscape, the public square with its own boules court will light up many a people's day.

Horseman Square

Tucked away at the far end of the development, Horseman Square acts as the gateway into the Riverside Building and Townhouses.

The sound of the River Don gently flowing, and the fun and laughter of people enjoying the Stew & Oyster floating from afar will all combine to create a place that you want to call home.

Garden Decks

A place isn't truly sustainable if people don't want to live there, so it's important that you create something where people want to stay.

We're not driven by profit, we're driven by creating amazing places that will outlast our generation and the next. So instead of cramming as many buildings as we can into the development, we went with large green spaces for people to share and enjoy instead.

Every single Garden House in the development will open on to a Garden Deck that is there for you and your neighbours to come together.