Welcome to the Climate Innovation District

What do you see when you think of City Centre living, for us, we see block after block of uninspiring apartments that seem to have been dropped in with no consideration of their surroundings.

It's time for change, City Centre living doesn't need to be that way.  It can be so much better, and it should be so much better. 

The Climate Innovation District is the largest sustainable development in the UK, and it's happening in Leeds.

We're building houses, the first time they've been built in Leeds City Centre in over 90 years.  We're building them next to a river where otters, salmon and Kingfishers live.  We're building them in an area where your commute to work in the City Centre can be a leisurely stroll or bike ride.

There will be greenery, public spaces, shared gardens where you can sit and relax, or just catch up with your neighbours.  And we're doing it in collaboration with one of the world leaders in sustainable placemaking, White Arkitekter.

The first 6 homes complete at the start of 2019, and you can reserve our upcoming plots now. Book a viewing to ensure that you don’t miss out on living in this ground-breaking development.

It's time to change the way we live, work and play in our cities.

For more information on the Climate Innovation District download our guide.

City Centre Location

Why live in a city centre?

At Citu we only build on brownfield sites in city centre locations.

Why? What’s wrong with the countryside?

There’s nothing wrong with the countryside, we just don’t think we should be building over it. If you work in the centre of a city but live out in the sticks then you’re going to have a stressful commute every morning that wastes hours of your time.  It will also cost a fortune and potentially cause a whole lot of pollution if you're going by car.

What other choice do you have when living far from your place of work, shops and other amenities makes you totally reliant on a car. But if you live in the centre of a city, well, that changes the game on so many levels.  

Imagine the freedom you'll have...

Freedom to socialize after work, have a relaxing walk home and still get in-before you would if you lived miles out and had to brave the rush hour traffic each day.

Freedom to head out to the theatre or cinema one evening without having to worry about where you’re going to park the car or if the show will finish before the last train home.

Freedom to spend your hard earned cash in your favourite restaurant rather than on petrol to get you into work every day. 

Freedom to spend more time with your family, be home for dinner time and to tuck your children into bed. 

For us, it's all about a quality life as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Community Interest Company

When you buy a house or apartment at the Climate Innovation District you own more than just your home. You will have a stake in the future of the whole place, allowing you to shape how the area around you evolves.

To put you in control, we are setting up a Community Interest Company. This is a not for profit organisation that owns and controls the development. All the money it generates stays within the development, and every household has a vote on its investment decisions. 

It will maintain all communal areas and parks, make sure your building envelope is kept at the highest standard of efficiency and insure your home. It will also let you keep your place at the cutting edge of sustainability, because you can choose to invest in the latest sustainable technology as it becomes available.

The Community Interest Company is funded by the residents paying a bond (£3,500, the equivalent of purchasing the freehold) when they move in, and the running costs covered by profits generated by the utility cooperative which is controlled by the Community Interest Company. 

The utility cooperative owns all the on-site renewables, and provides electricity, water and data at cost prices to all residents. By buying in bulk on behalf of all residents it can provide you with these utilities cheaper than for-profit energy companies. It generates revenue by selling excess solar energy generated on the development back to the grid.

To find out how the Community Interest Company will work at the Climate Innovation District, download our Community Interest Company Guide.  

Catalyst Programme

Join the Catalyst Programme to help tackle climate change.

Your journey, your stories, and your data will allow us to solve the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. 

To help you on your journey to a more sustainable way of living, we'll give you a zero emission Nissan Leaf free for 3 years, and give you a customisable Mango Bike. 

Together we'll change an industry and help everyone live more sustainably. 

Find out more. 


Car Club

We hope you find living so close to the city centre means you no longer need a car. 

But sometimes when you're headed into the countryside or to visit family, a car is what you need. So we've partnered with Enterprise to provide a car club at the Climate Innovation District giving you easy access to a rental hybrid car when you need it. 

When you buy a home in the Climate Innovation District you'll get 2 years free membership, plus £50 driving credit for the car club.  

Citu 52

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime.  We don't want it to be, so we've changed the way we sell our Citu Homes.

It wasn't always this way, there was a time when we were just like all the rest getting excited about people sleeping outside in sleeping bags the night before a sales launch just to ensure they can reserve one of our homes.  Don't get us wrong, we loved it at the time because it showed that we were building something that people wanted.

But, in the end, that isn't a great experience for people wanting to live in one our developments.  So, we created Citu 52.

Citu 52 is the club that people can join if they want to live in one of our developments.  It's the start of your buying journey with us, and what it means is you can put your name against a Citu Home without having to come to a sales launch on a first come, first serve basis.

It doesn't matter if you're wanting to move in 6 months, 12 months or even two years.  It's designed to help you move when you're ready to move.

All you need to do to join is fill out a Citu 52 joining form and pay a refundable £1,500 Citu 52 fee.  Then, when your house goes into the build stage of the journey, we will let you know and your Citu 52 fee becomes your full reservation fee. It's as easy as that.

To find out more about Citu 52 and how you can join, just click on the link below.



Citu 52