We’ve had a couple of homes come available in the Wedge building, so this is your chance to get an amazing home in Kelham Island – Sheffield’s creative heart.

Every home in the Wedge building has its own unique design, but all have high ceilings and are powered by 100% renewable electricity. Because of their position in the building, these two homes are some of the most special. 

Plot 71 – 1 Bedroom apartment

The 1 bedroom apartment is quite literally the pinnacle of the Wedge. Sitting at its apex and its highest point, it’s terrace for outside dining provides spectacular views over Little Kelham's central square.

One of just two apartments in the Wedge Building, at just £150,000, and available with just a 5% deposit with help to buy, its the perfect property for a first-time buyer.  

The triple aspect open plan kitchen, dining and living room gets oodles of natural light from the large south facing windows.

Decked out in chic Scandi minimalist design, this is the ultimate urban pad, just a fifteen minute stroll from Sheffield Town Hall.  

Plot 65 – 3 bedroom townhouse  

The 3 bedroom townhouse in the centre of the Wedge boasts a large south facing terrace for outside dining in the summer, an internal garage, an ensuite, shower room and house bathroom.

Huge bedrooms with plenty of space for large wardrobes and a dedicated storage area means you won’t be short on space.

The dual aspect design brings in plenty of light- and the open plan kitchen & living room offers brilliant views over the open green space of the Garden Decks. 

The big open plan living, kitchen and dining area has lots of worktop space, room for a big dining table and plenty of space for relaxing on the sofa. But what you can’t see on the floorplan is the incredibly high ceilings, up to four meters high, that give this room its light and airy feel.

What makes the Wedge sustainable? 

Triangles have the least corners of any shape (except for circles) making them one of the most sustainable shapes to build, as corners require a lot of carbon-intensive construction materials to construct. That's why we built the Wedge as a giant triangle.

Still with us? Okay great- that was a test, and you passed. The Wedge's unique shape doesn't make it sustainable, but how it's built does. 

By building at the cutting edge of sustainability we create a super-insulated air-tight thermal envelope for every home in the wedge, which means it retains heat far, far better than a conventionally built home. 

Because we build with incredibly high levels of precision we can produce homes 10 times more airtight than what is required by building regulations, meaning no drafts and minimal heat loss. 

When your home is that air-tight, you're going to want a constant flow of fresh air coming in, and stale air coming out. That's why every home in the Wedge is fitted with an MVHR system, that brings in a constant flow of fresh air into the living room and bedrooms, and pumps stale air out of the kitchen and bathrooms, removing odours, preventing any build up of moisture and keeping humidity levels in the ideal range. 

The really clever part is what it does with the excess heat from the stale air. Rather than just venting it out along with the air, it transfers up to 90% of the heat from the existing stale air onto the cooler incoming fresh air. That means rather than having to heat all the incoming fresh air to your home in winter, you can heat your home just with the warmth from appliances and the body heat of the people living in it. 

On the coldest days, you will need some extra heating to get things nice and toasty, which is why we've installed electric heat mats, concealed in the walls. It's the same principles as underfloor heating, but in the wall instead. 

The homes' incredible standards of insulation and airtightness, combined with triple glazed windows and an MVHR system to recycle heat, means far lower heating demand, so you can heat your home with 100% renewable energy. 

The average household in the UK emits 2.3 tonnes of CO2 every year just from heating their home - so by heating your ultra-efficient home in the wedge with 100% renewable energy, you can remove a huge chunk of your carbon footprint in one fell swoop.

If you’re interested in either of these unique properties – call the Citu Team on 0113 320 2357 to book a viewing. We expect these homes to get snapped up fast- so call now to avoid disappointment.

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