Fancy living in the centre of Sheffield whilst helping tackle climate change? We’ve got just the thing! Funny that.

The Wedge is an exciting mix of houses and flats, whose iconic shape means every home is a different size, so there are two and three bedroom homes available to match your budget.
Situated by the open square at the heart of our exciting Little Kelham development, just opposite the newly renovated Eagle works, you’ll be slap bang in the middle of the only place in South Yorkshire to be named as one of the best places to live in Britain

You’ll also be just a minute’s walk away from the new Stew and Oyster bar and all the exciting places in Kelham Island, recently named in the top ten coolest places to live in Britain. If you work in the city centre it’ll save you a fortune on your commute, as you’ll be able to leave the car in the garage and just stroll over to the office.


We could tell you about how amazing a home in the wedge will be for the environment, drastically reducing energy usage and using only low carbon and sustainable materials. But we do that for all our homes, so there’s nothing special about that. If you want to know all about how your home will help us accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities, then head over to Citu homes.

We don’t talk about our homes as ‘eco-villages’, because we don’t think being an amazing place to live and being eco-friendly is a trade-off. If you design it to be radically better than any comparably priced home whilst also being incredibly efficient and using a low carbon design, then you don’t have to brag about it being green. You just have to show people what the house will do for them.

Whether it’s the incredible air-tightness and triple glazing which lets you keep your house a comfortable temperature using so little energy, or the innovative ventilation system which draws in fresh air whilst keeping the heat locked in, you’ll see your carbon footprint shrink dramatically and be able to better enjoy your home. And your digitally enabled Smart home will let you turn of appliances and lights whilst out of the house, letting you save even more energy. 

We’re setting up a Community Interest Company to put the power into the hands of the residents. All the homeowners will have a share of this company and it will wholly own Little Kelham Utilities. 

Residents automatically become members of the Community Interest Company through home ownership at any of the properties at Little Kelham, the wedge included.

The idea behind setting up the community was to let the residents benefit by pooling their resources to get zero carbon, long term, lower cost utilities charges through collective purchase. The company will also share the benefits of the on-site renewable energy generation. In addition, all the leaseholds for the site will be vested in the Community Interest Company, meaning the residents have full control over their leaseholds. This means you don’t have to worry about your leasehold ever being sold to an investment arm which ends up increasing the ground rent or other charges. We would never do that, and we’re giving full control of the leaseholds to the residents via the community interest company to prove we’re serious.   

We think this building is just the thin end of the wedge (pun very much intended). Climate change is happening, and we have to do something about it. One day soon all homes will need to have these features. Why not skip the ahead and get a fantastically designed home in one of the most desirable and up-and-coning places in the UK? 

Get your Wedge on

Designed in partnership with Bauman Lyons, experts in building low carbon housing, the Wedge building will be a beautifully designed focal point for the whole Little Kelham development.

Inevitably for such a well-built and exciting development in an extremely desirable area, most of the homes in the Wedge building have already been sold. But the good news is that we have a number of plots still remaining. We expect these to be snapped up quickly, but do get in touch with us if you are interested as plots 62, 65, 67, 68 and 69 are currently available.

Little Kelham Wedge marked on Site plan

For more information on the homes still left in the Wedge at Little Kelham, download our digital brochure to see layouts, features, prices and more.  

 If you want to move forward in the next few months you will also have the opportunity to select the colours you want, the colours of fittings and the types of sockets and appliances you want. Call us today on 0113 320 2357 if you're interested in making the Wedge your home. 

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