For all of you Grand Designs fans out there, you may have seen the healthy home featured in last week’s episode, which used an air-tight membrane and MVHR system to create a house that has drastically better air quality than a typical home.

It used a lot of the same principles we use, to create homes so efficient that they drastically reduce your carbon footprint and help you live a sustainable lifestyle.

We’re all about delivering sustainable homes that tackle climate change. But truly great design means you shouldn’t have to compromise between choosing what’s good for you and what’s good for the planet. We should design in ways that mean you can have both.

And that’s what the Citu Home does. Thanks to its air-tight membrane and MVHR system, the air entering the Citu Home first passes through a filter, to remove particulates. The MVHR system is constantly pumping in fresh, filtered air and pumping out stale air, improving indoor air quality considerably.

Studies of homes with MVHR systems show just how much they improve air quality. An independent air quality report funded by the UK technology strategy board illustrates the comparison of different houses with MVHR systems and average homes. It shows that indoor air quality in the home with an MVHR system is four times better than that of conventional homes in the same area. Particulate levels in the house with an MVHR system were actually lower than a rural location in the Welsh Hills.

The Citu Home also has induction hobs rather than gas, this is because they use 50% less energy and because they can be powered by 100% renewable energy. This also has a big benefit in terms of internal air quality – that’s because gas hobs are significant emitters of Nitrogen Dioxide. Surveys of homes in England using gas for cooking found that kitchens frequently exceeded the World Health Organization limit for levels of Nitrogen Dioxide. This led Jeff Llewellyn, the indoor pollution expert from the Building Research Establishment to recommend that children under five should not be in the kitchen for long periods whilst cooking with gas.

But it’s not just the home itself that improves air quality. Citu Homes are part of Citu Places, which are designed with features like green roofs that remove pollutants, improving air quality for everyone. Because none of the homes on our sites have gas boilers, they don’t emit Nitrogen Dioxide like most UK homes do. In urban areas gas boilers can cause up to a fifth of Nitrogen Dioxide emissions – more than diesel cars or heavy goods vehicles.

With air pollution linked to almost one in every ten deaths in the UK, it’s a serious issue. If you want a home with significantly better air quality to keep you and your family healthy, then you might want to consider living in a Citu Place.

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