Kelham was once an industrial area, but is now one of the most desirable places in the UK, having been named as one of the top ten coolest places in Britain. It has fostered a creative and close community, with regular events that bring everyone together.

Everywhere wants to have a great community, but only some places manage to pull it off successfully. So how come Kelham Island has managed to develop such a unique feel?

We asked Kelham Island Resident Ben McGarry about what makes the area special.


Ben reckons a big part of what makes the area so much fun is the fact it is so easy to walk everywhere. Because it’s near to Sheffield’s city centre and there are lots of great local independent restaurants, pubs and bars dotted around the area, you can head out for a great evening without having to think about travel.

All the independent small businesses in the area have also contributed to what makes the area so interesting. Cafe’s such as the grind cafe, provide a great place to meet up or get to know other residents, so everyone comes to know each other.


There’s also plenty other things to see and do in the Kelham Island quarter. The Kelham Island Museum showcases the city's impressive industrial heritage, and you can see the most powerful steam engine in Europe, still working after over 100 years.

There’s also independent breweries, eight pubs - many of which are award-winning, and several great restaurants. The Kelham Island Community Alliance provides a way for everyone to shape their community and further improve the area. With all that it’s easy to see why Kelham Island is regularly named in lists of the coolest places to live in the UK.

If you’re interested in making your home in Kelham Island, then take a look at Little Kelham, our low-carbon development in the area. There’s only three houses left in the whole place, so if you’re interested you might want to get in touch soon.  


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