Climate change is real – that’s not up for debate. It’s a fact. The world is warming, and it’s because of human emissions of greenhouse gases. 

When you know climate change is real, you’ve got a responsibility to act, and that means reducing your carbon footprint.

There are all kinds of actions you can take to lower your environmental impact and reduce your CO2 emissions. There are so many choices to make that can be hard to know what will have the biggest impact. The zeitgeist seems to change all the time. One day you’ll see an article saying you need to eat less meat, the next that you’ve got to stop using plastic straws.

Every little helps – we want everyone to do all they can help tackle climate change. But it’s important to know where your actions can make the biggest impact.

Often the message is to do less of X. Drive less, fly less, consume less. And they’re right, it is important to reduce our consumption. But there are some ways to reduce your carbon footprint without having to compromise. 

Switching to a green energy tariff is one example. You get your energy from 100% renewable, low carbon sources, and usually it doesn’t even cost any more. Often it actually costs less, because you’re switching from a big incumbent energy provider that pays big dividends to its shareholders to a plucky green startup.

 Another example that understandably we’re pretty keen on is living in a Citu Home.

Because the Citu Home is built using renewable materials and designed to be so efficient that it can be powered & heated by 100% renewable energy it prevents the emission of over 4 tonnes of CO2 per year Vs living in an average UK home. 

That’s an absolutely huge carbon saving – bigger than forgoing a transatlantic flight or living car-free. Now it doesn’t mean you can drive around in a gas guzzler all day! We hope that by living in a Citu Place you’ll be even more motivated to make further carbon savings, like living car-free. 

We only build Citu Homes in the centre of cities or next to excellent public transport links to make it easy for people to ditch their cars. For those who do still need a car, we install electric charging infrastructure in our car parking spaces so it’s easy to switch to an electric vehicle.

If you're interested in living in a Citu Home, then the Climate Innovation District in Leeds or Little Kelham in Sheffield may be the place for you. 


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