What does the Home of the Future look like?

A new report published by the NHBC foundation titled ‘futurology: the new home in 2050’ investigates likely trends in the construction and property sectors, and predicts what cutting-edge features new Homes built in 2050 will possess.

If you’re into that kinda thing, like we are, then the report makes for interesting reading.

You can read the whole thing here. But let’s be honest. You’re busy. You’re not gonna read the whole thing. And who can blame you? There are more important things you could be doing. 

The features of a new Home in 2050

So to save you the bother, we’ve condensed some of the key features that the ‘Home of the future’ will have in 2050:

  • Improved responsive cooling and heating techniques to react to more extreme climatic changes brought about by climate change. This includes passive measures to counter overheating.
  • Green roofs to enhance local biodiversity.
  • Access to neighbourhood energy networks.
  • Smart Home technology allows control of the home.
  • Use of roof space for roof terraces.
  • Living rooms on upper levels to exploit daylight and views.
  • PV panels
  • Electric car charging as standard

Sounds great. But it doesn’t sound all that futuristic, at least not to us.

Why wait till 2050?

That’s because we’re building homes with all those futuristic features and more in our developments in the Climate Innovation District in Leeds and Little Kelham in Sheffield.

You can get an ultra-efficient Citu Home with passive cooling features, smart home technology to control your energy use, PV panels linked to a site-wide community grid, a green roof, electric car charging infrastructure and ventilation systems that recycle heat to drastically reduce heating requirements. 

House types 2&3 also feature ‘upside down living’ where the living rooms are on the upper levels to get more daylight, better views and so it’s easy to head up to the roof terrace when the sun is shining.

When we launched the Climate Innovation District last year, we said we were launching the Home of the Future.

And we really meant it. Don’t wait 30 years to get a home with these features. You can have one right away!


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