The future of Eagle Works in the Making 

We’re in the process of finalising a plan for the ground floor of Eagle Works and we’re looking forward to sharing our vision with everyone soon.

The upper floors of Eagle Works will be home to a variety of businesses, with light and airy dual aspect workspaces currently being created.

But we see Eagle Works as a central building in the community. It’s physically in the centre of Kelham Island and it’s also one of the tallest buildings in the area, so we want it to become the beating heart of the neighbourhood.

We’ll have a public outdoor space immediately in front of Eagle Works, with a cafe in the nearby Wedge Building. But we wanted to allow the public to access and enjoy the ground floor of Eagle Works - a stunning space which has views on to the goit on the far side as well as a beautiful vaulted ceiling.

Eagle Works was built for one purpose - to enable things to be made, be it cutlery, machine parts or tools. It’s a building which has always been home to making. Furthermore, Sheffield is the City of Makers - a fact which was brilliantly highlighted with the Year of Making, which recently ended. This close relationship with between Eagle Works and making, will continue in the building’s newly reimagined future. While heavy industry is unlikely to return to the building, making will play a key part in what we have planned for the ground floor.

We hope to give you more details about our vision for this beautiful space soon. If you’re interested in some of the commercial opportunities in the building, email

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