The Climate Innovation District is already looking awesome. The new pedestrian bridge is in place, the green wall is bursting with life, and the planting around the decking on the river is already coming together.

Once, it took real vision to see the incredible place that would develop along the banks of the River Aire, but now it’s staring you in the face. When the first residents move in, a true community will develop, helped by the shared spaces which encourage micro-communities within the district to form. This is a place where everyone will know their neighbour, and because we don’t sell to investors everyone will have a stake in their place.

The first move-ins are just a few weeks away now, but we want to show you how the Climate Innovation District is coming together. Watch our video tour, filmed back in December, to see the progress made and hear our Development Director Jonathan Wilson explain may of the ways the Climate Innovation District has been designed to benefit both residents and the environment, from green roofs to support butterflies to passive cooling features to keep cool in summer.

Since this was filmed we've added plants to create the green walls, and the bridge has been lifted into place. If you're interested in a Citu Home in the Climate Innovation District, get in touch to book a virtual reality viewing. Email or call 0113 320 2357 to arrange your appointment. In the next few months we will also be fitting out a show home on the site, so you'll able to visit to take in the real deal. Follow Citu Live to stay up to date. 


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