Last week we hosted an exclusive launch event at the Everyman Cinema for people interested in our new Citu Home and Climate Innovation District. We’d like to thank everyone who came. The cinema was packed, and it was incredible to see so many people interested in the Climate Innovation District.

If you couldn’t make it or weren’t able to get in a ticket in time, we thought we’d let you know about the event so you can still find out about all the big announcements. Whether you came our not, you can book a virtual reality viewing with our citu team so you can come and walk around our homes and see what makes them so special

Professor Andy Gouldson kicked off the event by talking about the scale of the challenge Leeds faces to reduce its carbon emissions by the amount required to prevent dangerous levels of climate change. He made the important point that even if Leeds invests billions to use every single energy saving technology available, it still won’t be enough to reach the targets that it needs to hit. What is needed is new innovations, and we're setting up the Climate Innovation District to do exactly that.

Our founder and MD Chris Thompson then took us through the features that make a Citu Home one of the most energy-efficient homes in the world, with heating requirements over ten times lower than average UK houses. To see the video that shows all the Citu Home's sustainable features, visit the Citu Homes page

White Arkitekter, who are the Architects we partnered with to create phase 1 of the Climate Innovation District, spoke about how they design places to be sustainable in every sense of the word. This is really important to us. Being sustainable is more than just being ‘green’, it means creating incredible places that people want to live and are proud to have a stake in. 

Our Director of Development Jonathan Wilson then shared his vision for the design of the Climate Innovation District, which includes wide open green spaces, a new pedestrian bridge to connect the North and South sides of the city and a new primary school at the to ensure the district is the perfect place for families. The school will be part of the Climate Innovation District site so residents can walk their children to school across a car free landscape.

Jonathan also explained a key feature of the Climate Innovation District that will do more than any other to make it sustainable. It’s not the solar panels, the green roofs, the rain gardens or the ultra-efficient houses. It’s a Community Interest Company, and it is something we will set up to put the Climate Innovation District into the hands of its residents. 

The Community Interest Company is an organisation that will run the development, and every resident will get a vote on the decisions it takes. When you buy a house at the Climate Innovation District you become a member of the CIC, so you can help shape the future of the place you live in. Residents can decide on what new renewable technology to invest in, and how they want to spend the earnings generated by feed in tariffs from the solar panels. The only rule is that all money generated must remain within the development.

For all those eager to find out more about the first houses we’ve released at the Climate Innovation District, Anthony Mackle, our Head of Sales showed all the floor plans for the four house types now available. He also explained our packs which allow you to deck out your Citu Home exactly how you want it. You will soon be able to see all the different packs, specifications and options in our Citu Studio, select the ones right for you, save them and then come to view them in our virtual reality experience.

If you couldn't make the event but are interested in making the Climate Innovation District your home, then check out the site masterplan to see which homes are available. 

If you want to speak to the Citu team email or call 0113 320 2357

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