Once upon a time, people lived in walking distance from where they worked. But then cars came along, and we all decamped to the suburbs.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now we’ve got roads clogged with traffic, hours wasted every day stuck on in lines of vehicles, and thousands of deaths from air pollution thanks to all those cars.  

We’re bringing family housing back to the city, by building the first houses to be built in Leeds city centre for 90 years. Creating four-bed houses surrounded by green space and near great schools means families can come back to into the heart of the city, letting them avoid the daily commute and live more sustainably.  

We’ve been planning the Climate Innovation District for years, but now, it’s all coming together.

The first Citu Homes are now being assembled on site, and they’re going up fast. That’s because they’re built from in our state of the art manufacturing facility, that’s just a stone’s throw from the Climate Innovation District.

Building in this way lets us create a house that’s assembled to exact specifications and able to perform to incredibly high standards of energy efficiency. And, by having the manufacturing facility just a few hundred meters from the construction site, we can drastically cut the emissions from transport required to build our homes.

It also means we can build the houses faster than old-fashioned bricks and mortar, as all the panels already have their triple glazed windows, insulation and air-tight membranes fitted.

When complete, this will all-overlap and be sealed, creating an air-tight barrier that means all the air coming into and out of the home will pass through the MVHR system, capturing heat and improving air quality.

As you can see, all three floors of the first houses are now built, with the triple glazed windows already having been precision fitted in the factory. The black material is the home’s outer membrane, which locks out in moisture whilst letting the timber breath. 

We build the Citu Home from timber because unlike all other building materials, timber is totally renewable and carbon negative – it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

The Citu Squad, our elite in-house construction team are assembling the first Citu Homes in Leeds, and will soon begin fitting them out to hand over to the first residents in summer 2018.


By bringing the whole construction, assembly and fit out team in-house, rather than using a web of different contractors, we can ensure quality and increase productivity, by investing in training and ensuring all members of our team care about the quality of the work they produce.

We want to thank everyone who's supported us on the journey so far. Citu Homes and apartments are already being reserved, by our incredible Citu 52 members.

If you want to join them in the largest urban sustainable development in the UK, register your My Citu account now and we’ll be in touch. 

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