Passionate is one of those words that’s been used to death.

Your accountant will tell you they’re passionate about tax optimisation.

Your supermarket will tell you they’re passionate about low prices.

Your CV says you’re passionate about implementing growth oriented business solutions.   

So, it kinda feels wrong when we say we’re passionate about tackling climate change. 

Because it’s not the kind of passion that’s promised on billboards or CVs.

It’s why we do what we do. It’s what gets us up each morning, and it keeps us up at night.

This isn’t tax optimisation or growth oriented business solutions we’re talking here, this is the biggest challenge the world has ever faced, and we’ve all got a part to play in meeting it. 

Last week, you stepped up, big time. 

We design and build ultra-low carbon homes, but without you, the people who want to live in them, they’re not going to do any good. 

We need people interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle if our places are to succeed, and thankfully, last week we had so many people putting their name down to live in our ultra-low carbon apartments that we sold out before we could even release them to the public!

The Riverside building

At the Riverside building we’re restoring the historic former mill, and creating 21 unique duplex apartments, everyone a different design. Mezzanines, double height ceilings, exposed brickwork and original timber beams brings the wow, but for us the most important thing is that they’re all heated with sustainable biomass, and powered by 100% renewable electricity.

That means unlike most homes in the UK, once they’re built they’ll be totally carbon neutral. Solar panels on the roofs also help power the whole development, and will provide renewable power to the grid when there is an excess in Little Kelham.

Far nicer than camping in the street

In past launches at Little Kelham, we’ve had people camping out in tents to ensure their place at the front of the queue to get one of our sustainable homes.

We didn’t want people to have to do that again.  We hated that people wanting to live in one of our developments had to go through that. So, we decided to change it up and have been working on a new house buying journey.  It’s still a work in progress, but we’re on the right path and it’s only going to get better. 

To create this new journey, we set up Citu 52, to let people reserve their Citu Home up to 2 years in advance. Far more civilised than queuing up outside launch events all night! 

When we released the apartments in the Riverside building to Citu 52 members last week, we had a hunch they’d be popular. After all, we’ve designed these buildings to be something special. But we had no idea they’d go so fast. 

Within days the majority had been reserved, and by the end of the week almost all the plots available in the building were reserved. This was all before we’d actually released them to the public! 

This is game-changing. If together we can show that people will no longer accept homes built in the same unstainable way, built to be heated with polluting fossil fuels, then we can change the whole industry. 

Thank you Citu 52! 

So, we want to thank our incredible Citu 52 members.

It’s thanks to them, and everyone interested in living in a Citu place, that we’re able to create the low carbon communities that we’ll need to successfully tackle climate change.

We’re going to show our thanks by ensuring Little Kelham is an all-round brilliant place live, and we can’t wait to welcome you to it soon. It’s already looking great, and by the time you arrive they’ll be art, boules, café’s and more – it’s all on the way. 

If you interested in joining these trailblazers in living in a Citu place, find out more about Citu 52.

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