When you build something ground-breaking, you need trailblazers. People who buy into your vision. Because no matter how ‘green’ you make a place, if no one wants to live there then it’s not sustainable.

For that, we’ve got to thank our incredible customers. The people who care so strongly about reducing their carbon footprint and being part of the solution to climate change that they’re prepared to wait years for our zero-emission houses to be ready to reserve. 

Claire & her husband Matt found out about the Climate Innovation District before we’d even started promoting it, and from the get-go, they’ve been wanting to move in.

They were the first to join Citu 52, the first to reserve their plot, and the first to come to the factory to see their individual panel being assembled.

Today one of the panels that will become part of their Citu Home came through the factory- and as part of the Citu buying journey, they signed it to secure their place in history. 

As it moves through the factory the timber panel will be filled with insulation to make it retain heat twice as effectively as a traditional masonry wall. Then, it’s wrapped in an air-tight membrane that keeps the heat locked in but let’s moisture escape. 

Claire & Matt can’t wait to move in. They have been waiting 3 years after all.

If you want to join them in living in the Climate Innovation District, signing your own panel in the Citu factory and getting to live in an ultra-efficient zero emission home, then check out our Masterplan to see which plots are available.

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