Living in the city centre means you're just a short walk or cycle from where you work. You’re no longer reliant on a car that gets you stuck in traffic every day. You’re able to meet friends after work and wander home whenever you like. Freed from a gruelling daily commute you’re able to spend more time with your loved ones, and you’ve got more energy for doing whatever it is you love. Often though, it also comes with drawbacks. Sacrificing space for convenience, city centre living can mean trading wide open green space for a concrete jungle.

But the Climate Innovation District is designed so you don’t have to compromise.

Acres of open green space in Leeds City Centre, just a few minutes’ walk from all the bustling city has to offer. The car-free landscape along the River means fresh air and no road noise, and the district’s layout creates a secluded cul de sacs in the Secret Garden, where the only people passing will be your neighbours. It’s the open spaces and tranquillity of the countryside, right in the heart of Leeds.

That’s been the dream, and now it’s coming to fruition. The first homes are now close to completion, and the work on the landscape is getting underway.

Watch this drone footage to see how close the homes at the Climate Innovation District are to the heart of the city. You start to get an idea of how good the view is from the roof terraces.


This footage came to us thanks to a joint UK-Shanghai Innovate UK project called GIAUrban (Green Infrastructure Assets in Urban Heat Islands) running until January 2021. It is led by VRM Technology Ltd, in partnership with Leeds Beckett University and the University of Hull. We let them use the space outside our factory where we make the Citu Home to conduct some test drone flights in the Climate Innovation District. 

You don't have to go up in a drone to get an incredible view from the Climate Innovation District. From the roof terraces of the first plots, you can see the Corn Exchange, the Town Hall, and even Broadcasting Tower. And that's just in one direction! With sweeping views across Leeds, there's nowhere better to relax and gaze out at the city. 

The first few homes are almost ready, and they're looking spectacular. 

Now that we have some near-completed homes, you can book a viewing to see them for yourself. If you’re interested in living in the Climate Innovation District, call the Citu team on 0113 320 2357 or email to arrange your viewing of a Citu Home.

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