On the 23rd November, we will be unveiling the Citu Home, the product of years of research with world leaders in sustainability. Soon the first of these will be being created in our state of the art manufacturing facility, and assembled at the Climate Innovation District.

It is important to never lose sight of why we build in the way we do, and why it is so crucial to make the change to net zero carbon housing.

To explain the urgent need for us all to reduce our carbon emissions, and present analysis about the major role Leeds can play in reducing UK emissions, at the launch we will be hearing from Professor Andy Gouldson, Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds and Chair of the Leeds Climate Commission.

Professor Gouldson has for the last 7 years worked on the Climate Smart Cities Programme, which he leads, and has prepared low carbon and climate resilient development plans for multiple cities in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. He has acted as an advisor to government departments and agencies at the national, regional and local levels in various countries.

Having led the creation of the ‘mini-stern’ review for Leeds City Region, the first such project in the UK, Andy was instrumental in the creation of the new Leeds Climate Commission, which he now chairs. His detailed knowledge of Leeds’ ability to reduce its carbon emissions makes him the perfect person to explain the need for taking big steps to reduce CO2 emissions at the local and regional level.

That is what the Climate Innovation District aims to do. The Citu Home, which we will be building on the site has been designed to reduce its carbon footprint at every stage. It’s timber-framed design locks away tonnes of carbon and prevents the emission of tonnes more by negating the need for carbon-intensive bricks, concrete and steel. The incredible standards of insulation and airtightness combined with an MVHR system that retains 95% of heat within the house means central heating is no longer required, saving one tonne of CO2 per year because there is no gas burning boiler. On the night we’ll be explaining all the features that make it a world leader in sustainability.

Tickets for the launch event have all been reserved, but you can still register for ‘stand-by tickets’ to be in with a chance of getting the ticket of anyone who cancels. At the time of publishing, there are only five remaining stand-by tickets, so these are likely to go quickly. 

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