Welcome to our new website - we hope you like it as much as we do.

Far from a simple refresh, our new website is a completely new design which has been many months in the planning. We’re really excited about how the new Citu website will help people find out more about our developments in exciting, engaging and informative ways. Importantly, the website will play a crucial part in the way prospective residents of our low carbon developments reserve and buy their new homes.


For the vast majority of house hunters, the property search now starts online. In rebuilding our website, we wanted to ensure that the journey can continue online, with buyers able to find out all about their new home using a range of resources available at citu.co.uk.

We’ll talk more about the range of features on the website later in this blog and in coming weeks. Far from a model which is set in stone, we’ll be able to adapt the website to new developments, new software and new ways of demonstrating and illustrating our products.

Our online Journey just got better




Smartphones and tablets are what most of us use to access information on the internet. With that in mind, we wanted a website that looked equally as good on a phone as it did on a desktop PC. Similarly, we wanted someone accessing the site from a phone to be able to access all of same the features as someone using a PC. If you’re viewing this on a computer, hop on your phone and see what we’re talking about!


We think the new layout and design features better reflect what we admire at Citu. We looked to Scandinavian influences for inspiration and the website also features great images of our developments, such as Little Kelham. You’ll also see elements of the Citu logo incorporated throughout the new design.


We think people want more than a 2D plan and a pdf download when they are finding out about a new home and community. We’re using technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality to bring our developments to life.

Far from a techy gimmick, using these fantastic resources allow people to get a brilliant idea of space and light. We’re constantly working on improving the multimedia approach when it comes to how people learn about our homes and developments.


Every week we’ll have blogs concentrating on different aspects of Citu’s work - from Little Kelham, to the development of the Climate Innovation District and Citu Works, to the company’s approach and ideas on current issues facing our cities, communities and families. 

Citu’s work is broad and busy. But we also believe in transparency - we want to share our journey with the pubic and those in the industry, so we hope our blogs will shed light on our work and the impact it is having in shaping zero carbon cities.

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