At Citu, we don't accept things the way they are.

We make them better. 

That means finding better ways of building houses. Better for the people buying them, and better for the people building them. 

We call it the Citu Squad. It means you'll be work in a tight-knit team that all pulls together as one. Everyone has their own specialism, but also helps each other out so things go a lot smoother. 

At Citu we work with a sports team mentality. Sometimes when you're a striker you have to come back and help the defense, sometimes when you're in mid-field you get up the pitch and score. It's about doing the best thing for the team. This is exactly how the Citu squad works. Every tradesperson works on their area of speciality, but whenever they need a hand there's always someone willing to pitch in. 

But don't take our word for it. We spoke to Lee, one of our plumbers, who works in a Citu squad.

He said when your working in a squad "you're all on the same side, you all want to be doing the best for each other".

Watch the video to see what he makes of it.

If you're skilled tradesmen who fancies working in a team with a real sense of camaraderie, then you'll fit right into a Citu Squad. Click hear to view the squad roles. 

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