The Climate Innovation District is unique. Houses in the city centre, surrounded by green space looking out across a Riverbank that's peppered with trees. 

It's the convenience of living in the city, but surrounded by nature. 

As you can probably tell, we're so excited to create this amazing place.

We'd love to show you around, but it's not finished yet! 

So we've done the next best thing, we've built a 3D model you can pan around. Use the arrows in the navigation menu to switch between places of interest and take a guided tour of the district.  

If you want to see the Climate Innovation District in more detail and walk around the Citu Home, you can book your virtual reality experience today. You'll don a VR headset so you can get a real sense for the place that you could soon call home. Book your viewing through your My Citu account or call the Citu team on 0113 320 2357 today. 

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