Kelham Island was created when the Goit was built to power water wheels for the area’s Mills in Kelham’s industrial past.

It became a centre of steel making, helping to create the modern world. The steelmaking has long since moved away. But Kelham Island is now a crucible for ideas, rather than hot metal.

It’s Sheffield’s creative heart. From the Kelham Island Arts collective with their Gage gallery, to the Kelham Island Museum with its iconic Bessemer converter, the area is a fantastic destination in its own right. Home to all kinds of creative businesses, it has emerged as a centre for design, crafting and making.  

At Little Kelham, just across the Goit from the museum, We’ve been busy restoring the area’s incredible industrial heritage to its former glory.

Exposed brickwork, original timber beams and huge heritage windows mean these spaces hum with creative energy.

It’s the exact opposite of the soulless and repetitive corporate offices that too many of us are used to.

We want to preserve the best of the past, to inspire the future. That’s why at Little Kelham, we’re clear that our commercial spaces are places for making.  

Dual aspect workspaces with views across the River Don, and frontages onto Little Kelham’s open squares make it the perfect place for creative businesses.  

Whether you need an office, café, retail space or design studio, we’ve got the perfect space for you in Little Kelham.  

And, we haven’t even told you the best part yet.  

Every Citu Commercial space is powered by 100% renewable energy, and heated by carbon-neutral biomass. That means it is effortlessly easy to make your business sustainable.

Plus, we’re installing 159KW of solar panels across Little Kelham, the power from which is shared across the whole development to maximize its use. That’s enough to power over 400 27 inch iMacs all year round.  

Shrink your carbon footprint but expand your creative horizons, with a Citu Commercial space at Little Kelham.

Download our guide to all the commercial spaces in Little Kelham to find the perfect space for your business.




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