Keeping it local

We’ve teamed up with a local street artist to bring an alternative interpretation of the work we’re carrying out at the Climate Innovation District.

Bringing his unique style of slogans and graphics to the Climate Innovation District, Hyro Graff will create two dramatic billboards to bring to life our work on the South Bank in Leeds.

Hyro Graff at Climate Innovation District

Marcus Browne, the Leeds man behind Hyro Graff, says the commission is a good chance to work in an up-and-coming area.

“That part of Leeds is really interesting and an inspiring place to be working,” he said.

“With the river running through it, the boats and the wildlife it feels very different to any other part of the city and not your normal urban living.

“It’s great to be involved in a project like this, especially with the climate change message."

Hyro Graff river work

Who is Hyro Graff?

Marcus, 39, first picked up a spray can in 2000 and went on to study Graphic Design in Sheffield before returning to his home city. For a number of years he’s worked in the community, helping young people channel their creativity through street art.

He’s now set up his own social enterprise, called Write Club, based in Leeds.

“Part of this new social enterprise is to campaign for legal wall space where people can do graffiti and to really showcase the talents of these young people. These are people who may have been in trouble in the past for vandalism or inappropriate tags but I want to help them and send them on a better path - ideally it’ll lead to them getting paid work.”

Marcus and other experienced artists will act as mentors for the young people, offering guidance and support.

You can see more of his work here.

Hyro Graff Ghandi work

Where are the billboards going to be?

Work has already begun on the commission, and it will be visible from the River Aire and the towpath running alongside it. A great chance to see it is during the upcoming Waterfront Festival where you can either go on one of the musical barge trips or by walking down the river.

We're also going to be at the festival talking to people about living and working in the Climate Innovation District and the regeneration of the South Bank.  It will also be your chance to take a virtual reality tour of one of the first house types launching this summer.

Hyro Graff in an old folks home

You can keep up to date with all things Citu and register your interest to live in the Climate Innovation District here.

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