We’ve hired Steve Savage, former Manufacturing Manager at BMW UK to head up operations here at Citu.

You might think that’s a bit odd for a company that builds houses. But for us, it makes perfect sense. 

It’s all about building precision engineered components that create faultless products.

You don’t get a snagging list when you buy a new car. It should be the same when you buy a new home.

Steve’s automotive industry background and proven expertise in streamlining manufacturing processing aligns perfectly with our approach.

Over the last few years we’ve been developing a model which integrates the entire supply chain so that we can control every element of the design and construction in-house. Now, with Steve overseeing operations, we can benefit from his experience and ramp up productivity 

Talking about our progress, Steve had this to say:

“What Citu is developing is a revolutionary way of working for the construction industry which will eliminate waste – both in terms of time and materials. The model it has established is already working, and we’re now honing the process. For example, in traditional construction methods if there’s a problem onsite with materials or how elements in the home fit together, a joiner or fabricator will apply a quick fix on the spot which can be costly in the long-term and compromises the quality of the home. Instead, we go right back to the design stage and find a solution to stop the issue happening again and feed this information all the way down the chain. Part of my remit is to ensure seamless flow and communication between every element of the process – design to manufacturing to construction. Key to this is Citu’s apprentice scheme which allows us to grow the next generation of skilled workers who are at the core of our business. 

A big change is needed in the construction industry if we are going to tackle climate change in a way that really makes a difference. I wanted to be part of Citu and its bold team willing and prepared to show that it can be done on scale while also creating better city centre places to live, work and play.  Citu are actually making it happen and I feel fortunate to help drive that change.” 

But it’s not just about learning from the automotive sector. 

They’re experts in creating high-performance, precision engineered products at scale. So it makes sense to learn from them when it comes to producing the components for our ultra-efficient Citu Homes.

But we want to take cream of the crop from all different kinds of industries and bring their expertise to help us achieve our mission: to accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities.

That means working with virtual reality experts to build our houses in VR so our customers can look around their new home before it’s even built. And it means building an in-house software & design team to create and hone Actuate, our Smart Home app that helps residents reduce their energy use.

If you want to work every day to help build the future of cities, then check out Citu Careers. We’re recruiting for a huge range of roles, from plumbers to accountants, and so much more!


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