The Catalyst Programme is all about accelerating the transition to zero-carbon cities. Quite simply, you’ve got to be on board with that goal. We need your help spreading the word about sustainable living.

Living in a Citu Home puts you at the heart of a zero-carbon community, where you’re in control of your own utilities and the future of your place. Rooftop solar panels provide energy for you and your neighbours, whilst the green roof enhances local biodiversity by acting as a habitat for pollinating insects 

Share your journey 

By documenting your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle living in the Citu Home, you can show the world not only that it’s possible to live in a way that doesn’t harm the planet, but that it’s better. If you want to live in a House Type 1 at the Climate Innovation District and are up for recording your journey, then the Catalyst Programme is for you.

But there’s more to your carbon footprint than just your house. That’s why when you join the catalyst programme, we’ll give you an electric car for free, leased for 3 years. Your brand new Nissan Leaf can be charged from the 100% renewable electricity provided by Good Energy to the Climate Innovation District, and thus be your zero-carbon, zero-emission way to get about. 

You’ll be fighting climate change and air pollution with every trip. Along with your electric car, we’ll also give you a brand new Mango Bike. So you can get about town in the fastest and most sustainable way.

The Car

Your new 100% electric zero-emissions Nissan Leaf will mean you personally will be helping to accelerate the transition to zero-carbon cities. Transport is the biggest emitter of CO2 in the UK, so it’s critical we move to zero-carbon transport options. 

But we don’t want to give you just any electric car. Sustainable living shouldn’t ever mean you have to compromise on quality. With up to 235 miles of range, able to charge to 80% in 40 minutes at public quick chargers, and far lower running costs, the Nissan Leaf will let you join the electric revolution in style.

The new Nissan LEAF won best electric car at the WhatCar? 2018 Awards, so you can be sure you’re getting one of the best electric cars around.

The Bike

Electric cars are great for getting out of the city and into the countryside. But you don’t want to be stuck in traffic getting about town. You might like being fashionably late, but spending ages stuck in a jam can cramp anyone’s style. That’s why we thought we’d give you an alternative zero-emission transport option that’ll let you zip about the city with ease – we think it’s the future of transport. 

We could have given you any bike, but we figured you’d want to put your own stamp on it, just like you will with your Citu Home. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mango bikes so you can customise the colour of every component of your new two-wheeled climate change fighting machine. 

The Programme

If you are excited to share your journey then apply for the Catalyst Programme today. You just need to be up for:

  • Purchasing a House Type 1 at the Climate Innovation District.
  • Committing to monthly interviews and focus groups with Citu
  • Writing blog articles about your journey to living more sustainably.
  • Documenting your experience using the catalyst notebook and social media
  • Take part in photography shoots

If you want to join the Catalyst Programme, email or call 0113 320 2357 find out more.                                              


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