We design every aspect of the Citu Home to help reduce your carbon footprint without making you compromise. From the materials it’s built from, to how it’s put together, it all helps you drastically cut your emissions whilst staying nice and warm in winter.

By building in the latest smart home technology from the get-go we can also make your home effortlessly easy to control, allowing you to reduce your energy use even further.

Introducing the Actuate app

We call it Actuate –  our smart home app that lets you control your new Citu Home from the palm of your hand.


Because it’s built into the home, it can control far more than your typical smart home system. It lets you set heating schedules, control your hot water heating and a whole lot more.

But our favourite feature is the Home & Away switch, which can turn off all your lights and non-essential appliances from the app. That means if you realise you’ve left the iron on when you’re out and about, you can turn it off no matter where you are. The Home & Away switch keeps your heating schedules active, so you can time your heating to come on slightly before you get home and come back to a nice warm house.

Actuate also tracks all your energy and water usage.

By putting detailed information on your energy usage at your fingertips, we give you the power to reduce your energy consumption. Up to the hour information on how your home is performing means you can spot any issues (like forgetting you’d left a window open!) so you can save energy and never get back to a cold home.

Actuate also allows you to anonymously see how your usage compares to others living in similar properties in Citu Places. Letting you see how well you're progressing on your journey to sustainable living. 

In-app alerts give you handy reminders for things like when to take your bins out, and the logbook feature keeps all your policy documents and manuals for your appliances in one place, so you don’t have to keep on top of reams of paper.

Does your home do all of that?




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