As you might have noticed if you ever frequent our careers page, we’re recruiting!

Over the next year we are going to be creating over 100 jobs as we push ahead with building the Climate Innovation District, the biggest and most exciting urban sustainable development in the UK.  

This is big for us. It will mean more than doubling our current headcount, and we will be needing people with all sorts of different skills sets, from manufacturing, to construction to coding. 

Normally property developers use a web of contractors, but this can lead to errors being passed down the production chain and increased costs. So, we’re doing things differently.

We’re employing everyone working on our buildings directly. 

To improve efficiency and quality, our skilled workers will be divided into squads. These are tight-knit teams with the right mix of trades; plumbing, joinery, electrics and timber frame specialists. This means they can all work as one team, and not have to wait around for other contractors.

Our founder, Chris Thompson explains why we’ve chosen to work in this way:

“This new way of working is part of our ongoing campaign to combat inefficiency which is the biggest problem facing the construction industry today. The issue is two-fold; there’s inefficiency in terms of the quality of the product which causes heat loss and emissions from the houses themselves. Our timber-frame system offers a solution by creating homes that are airtight and extremely energy efficient. But there is also inefficiency in terms of the construction process, caused by delays in transporting materials to the site and poor communication between multiple contractors.

We’ve addressed these problems head-on with our on-site manufacturing facility, which also reduces the carbon footprint of the construction process and the continuity that comes with a multi-skilled team working and learning together, day in, day out. We hope this new approach will act as a model for the wider industry as we look to accelerate the transition towards zero-carbon cities.”

This offers a major opportunity for those working in the housing industry to be a part of creating the UK’s first zero-carbon neighbourhood. Every employee will benefit from ongoing training and development, learning new skillsets in low-carbon construction, a sector which is set to grow over the coming years because the UK’s buildings accounting for almost half of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and the Government is looking to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050.

If you’re interested in joining Citu, you can check out all our available roles on by visiting Citu Careers.

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