The BBC have been filming for a new documentary on innovative housebuilding in the North of England.

They were interested in seeing how we build ultra-efficient homes in our state-of-the-art factory, and in how the UK’s largest urban sustainable development is coming together.

It’s no secret that we build the panels that form the Citu Home in our factory just across the River from the first phase of the Climate Innovation District. The panels are made from timber, with recycled insulation materials, because timber is renewable and unlike all other building materials, it is carbon negative. That means it sequesters CO2.

Building the panels for our homes in our own factory means we can have rigorous quality control over every stage of the process. This is what lets us create homes that are so efficient that they use 10 times less energy for heating than an average UK house. 

We’ve taken lessons from the automotive industry to create the components for our houses to an uncompromising standard. Our Operations Director Steve Savage joined us from BMW, where he was their UK Manufacturing Manager, and his expertise allows us to build precision engineered components that create flawless products.

After all, you don’t get a snagging list when you buy a new car. Why should you expect to get one when you buy a new home?

The first homes at the Climate Innovation District are now built, and their first residents will be moving in during January 2019. 

The BBC were also keen to speak to some of the first residents at the Climate Innovation District. They’re a wonderful group of trailblazers who will soon be moving into homes that make it easy to drastically reduce their carbon footprints.

Some have also joined the Catalyst programme, where they’ll get a new Nissan Leaf leased for three years and a Mango Bike for free so they can tackle their carbon footprint using green transport as well as through their home. The Catalyst programme is available to people buying the first handful of House Type ones on the development, which feature green roofs and solar panels that provide energy for the whole development.

The Climate Innovation District will be over 50% open green space, which is totally unique for a city centre location. With the first residents less than a month from moving in, we’re getting the landscape looking beautiful in time for their arrival.

We’ll keep you posted on when the documentary is coming out next year.


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