This week a major international study was published which showed natural solutions such as tree planting can play a massive role in mitigating climate change.

It’s not a silver bullet, but planting trees, protecting peatlands and managing soils could account for 37% of the required reduction in greenhouse gasses needed by 2030 to keep global warming under two degrees.

In total, these natural solutions could avert over 11 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to halting all oil burning the world over.

The study showed reforestation, the planting of trees to create new forests or regenerate old ones is the most effective way to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

These natural solutions help make the 2 degrees target achievable, but they can’t stop global warming on their own. We need to make big leaps in de-carbonising our electricity supply whilst also transitioning to zero carbon cities. 

We had good news recently on the drive to decarbonise our electricity supply, with a major global first.  This week the world’s first floating off-shore wind farm came online. Situated 15 miles off the Scottish East coast, the 30MW installation floats in deep waters, where the wind is steadier and faster. It is able to power 20,000 homes when at fully capacity. Although this is a tiny percentage of total Scottish electricity demand, it does show the concept of floating wind farms is commercially viable.

It is estimated that 80% of off-shore wind resources are in water too deep for fixed wind turbines, and these floating turbines show it can be exploited. Great new for future energy provision, particularly at northern latitudes where solar is less effective.

Finally, in news closer to home, our Citu homes launch event is now fully booked. It's great to see they're in such massive demand for low carbon housing in Leeds. We don't want anyone to miss out, so we've created a stand-by ticket you can register for, so if anyone cancels we can give you their ticket to the event. If you didn't get a ticket but want to attend the launch, sign up for a stand-by ticket on Eventbrite now.

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