The Citu Home

A combination of German efficiency, Scandinavian design and good old Northern grit, the Citu Home is designed to outlast our generation, and the next.

Forward-thinking design

The Citu Home is a collaboration between world leaders in energy-efficiency, sustainability and design.

Low energy, high performance

We use Passivhaus tools to design our Citu Homes.

It’s the world leading standard for energy-efficient building design.  It’s also the most effective way for us to create our zero carbon developments.

Scandinavian design

We're big fans of Scandinavian placemaking and design, it puts people and sustainability first.

White Arkitekter are one of the world leaders when it comes to creating sustainable places to live, work and play.

They work with us to create all Citu Places, they're also Scandinavian.  

Timber framed design

The world leaders in sustainability champion timber framed housing design.  It’s better for the environment and will help to tackle climate change if adopted more widely in the UK construction industry.

We’ve followed their approach with the Citu Home and designed a flexible, energy efficient timber frame housing solution, and we produce it from our very own manufacturing facility, Citu Works.

Digitally-enabled smart home

Our timber framed housing solution was influenced by Scandinavian Design, our smart home technology was influenced by “The Hoff” and his amazing talking car.

A Citu Home won’t physically speak to you, yet.  But it does talk to you daily. 

We call it ‘Actuate’, and it’s a Citu owned digital platform that allows you to control your energy remotely via a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

It’s an essential feature of a Citu Home, as it allows you to control and monitor your impact on the environment at the touch of a button.

Home and Away switch

We’ve all done it.  Left the house wondering if we’ve turned the iron off, or the television.

The way we see it, life can be hectic enough as it is without worrying about things like this on top. So, we added a Home & Away switch to all our Citu Homes.

It’s quite simple. It’s a button that allows you to turn off all unnecessary power in your house, so you can be sure that all the TVs, lights, and other appliances are safely off and not consuming any electricity. 

We designed it to make it as easy as possible for you to live more sustainably while saving money on your energy bills, and it can be controlled through Actuate.


The purpose of a low energy home is to minimise the amount of energy used to heat it.

We've designed the Citu home to have incredibly high standards of insulation to reduce the heat lost through the building fabric of a Citu Home. 3D modelling and whole building tests have confirmed that our timber framed design will be twice as insulating as a masonry wall of equivalent thickness. 


To make a house as energy-efficient as possible, it's essential to minimise the amount of warm air that escapes and the amount of cold air that enters.

The airtightness of a Citu Home is 10x times better than current UK Building regulations.

Triple Glazed Windows

The extra pane of glass helps, but it's all to do with the highly insulated frames and how it's installed that reduces the heat loss and makes a Citu Home more comfortable to live in.

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System

Airtightness at this level means a traditional central heating system with boiler is no longer required.

The MVHR is a whole house ventilation system that captures the heat generated from you and your appliances on the exiting stale air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air.

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