Be a catalyst for the change the world needs

Join the Catalyst Programme to help tackle climate change. Your journey, your stories, and your data will allow us to solve the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. 

Together we'll change an industry and help everyone live more sustainably. 

Live Sustainable

Radically reduce your carbon footprint by living in an ultra-efficient home that is powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Drive Sustainable

To help you reduce your carbon footprint even further, we'll be giving our three lucky members of the Catalyst Programme a free Nissan Leaf, leased for 3 years. 

Move Sustainable

We think the bike is the ultimate method of zero carbon transport. 

Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to your new Mango Bike, that we'll give you free as part of the Catalyst Programme. Fully customisable, you can have it in any colour you like. 

Love Sustainable

Share your journey to sustainable living with the world. As part of the Catalyst Programme, you'll write articles, take part in interviews, focus groups and photo shoots. 

Join the Catalyst Programme

Download your Catalyst Brochure to read more about the Catalyst Programme. 

When you know you want to join call the Citu Team on 0113 320 2357 

Download Catalyst Brochure