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At Citu you will build the future of cities. You'll be working every day to create more sustainable places that regenerate our cities and help tackle climate change. Join us to create something that will outlast our generation, and the next.

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  • We Dream

    No one ever changed the world without thinking big. We exist to accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities. Everything we do is part of that mission.

  • We Do

    Changing the world means rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. From our state of the art manufacturing facility to our unique timber framed housing design, we don't use the industry playbook. We write our own.

  • We Solve

    By changing the way we live, work and play in our cities we can create sustainable places that outlast this generation, and the next. Climate change is the biggest challenge we've ever faced. Join us to be part of the solution.

    The Citu Way

You will be building the cities of the future, and you won't be doing it the old-fashioned way. You'll be working in a tight-knit squad of people who care about craftsmanship just like you do. You won't be shunted about between sites and teams. When you join a Citu squad you'll be working together every day to create ground-breaking places.

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  • Plumbers —


    When you're working in one of our elite squads, there's no waiting around for other trades to be done. It's all action. Because you'll be so productive you will be a massively valued part of an elite team, with a generous salary and pension contributions to match.

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  • Joiners —


    We've got over 1,000 timber framed homes across Yorkshire to build. And you'll be building them. It's a pipeline that'll keep you and the rest of your elite squad in work for years. Find a squad that you can belong in.

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  • Electricians —


    Sick of constantly moving between projects? Need to know where your next pay check is coming from? When you join a Citu squad they'll be no more taking it down to the wire. Be able to take pride in your work, earn a generous, regular salary every month and work with a great group of people every day.

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Get to know us

  • Meet Jamie,

    Supplier Accounts Coordinator

    What Jamie does at Citu: Pays suppliers on time so they like us.

    Unique Skill: Pulling out the big beats
    Favorite place: Texas
    Hobby: Performing around the world in his successful dark-electronic band.
    Best Joke: 'Knock Knock' who's there 'Interrupting Cow' Interrupting Cow wh… 'MOOOOOOOO'!!!

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  • Meet Alex,

    The Progressor

    What Alex does at Citu: Help people with the start of their journey into their new low carbon lifestyle within our communities.

    Favorite Food: A big comforting fish pie!
    Favorite Game: Cards against humanity
    Moto: Well it could be worse!

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  • Meet Becky,

    Little Miss Chatterbox

    What Becky does at Citu: Makes sure everything gets built on time. And makes sure it's amazing.

    Favorite Sports Team: Team GB Ladies Hockey Team
    Hobby: Alongside sewing clothes, hiking and playing hockey, She also runs a Woodcraft Folk youth group.

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